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  Welcome to Primary Prep Montessori School

Thank you for your interest in Primary Prep. Our goal is to provide a positive learning environment within the philosophy and methods established by Dr. Maria Montessori. Primary Prep is committed to providing programming that inspires students to thrive academically within a challenging curriculum.

We take pride in understanding the students as individuals and supporting the student to reach their personal potential socially, emotionally and intellectually.

Primary Prep is committed to our parents/families and value their input. Parents and school work together for a common goal to enhance the child’s educational experiences at school.

Academic Excellence

Our Montessori program provides a comprehensive curriculum which challenges and prepares students for success in all aspects of life. We cultivate creativity, critical thinking, team building, community and global awareness.

The Montessori program uses materials that are uniquely designed to assist in developing a child’s problem solving skills at a young age. All the materials teach specific skills and have learning outcomes. The materials are also self correcting which sets up a child for success and builds confidence and self esteem. The Montessori materials focus on five areas of study; Practical Life, Sensory, Language, Math and Culture.

At Primary Prep your child thrives as an individual with the opportunity for personal growth. Our school culture embraces character development and values that promote leadership, confidence, respect, strength, wisdom, and integrity. We welcome you to enjoy the journey.


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